”Autonomous” Battery Buses Replace Trolleybuses in Japan…Well, NO

Editor’s note: This article illustrates how press reports are often highly inaccurate and lack context, reflecting sloppy and lazy journalism.

By Leroy W. Demery, Jr.

During the first couple of weeks of October, I spotted at least one story line stating that “trolleybuses” had been replaced by “autonomous battery buses” in Japan.

The specific reference was to the “Kanden Tunnel” line, which is part of the “Tateyama – Kurobe Alpine Route” in Toyama and Nagano Prefectures. This extends from an open-air station named Ogizawa to an underground station at Kurobe Dam. The distance is 6.1 km, of which 5.4 km is in tunnel. The line operates from mid-April to late November.

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Recollections of a Vanished Era – in Mississippi

By Leroy W. Demery, Jr.

Certain of our loyal and disloyal opponents love to quote statistics by the trainload (pun intended) – but avoid certain issues like the proverbial “third rail” (pun intended – again).

You are not likely to see anything related to, um, Amerikaanse apartheid (“American apartheid”) on websites such as http://ti.org/antiplanner/, publicpurpose.com or demographia.com. To paraphrase Oscar Bonavena, the late Argentine boxer, you’d think they were chicken (“Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!”).

By contrast, we denizens of this website do not shy away from such matters. Thus this post.’

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Annotated Response to “Antiplanner” Post: No. 50. Lessons from an Iconoclast

By Michael D. Setty & Leroy W. Demery, Jr.

Note: This article responds to Randal O’Toole’s April 17, 2020 post on his “Antiplanner” blog. We believe this requires a detailed response since O’Toole is outlining lessons he says he has learned in his past four decades as a public intellectual. We find that some of O’Toole’s assertions are valid, but most are not.

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