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Monday, 04 June 2012 18:54
Updated Through 2010, with additions Dec. 2011 (This page 6/5/2012)

This updated links page includes all heavy rail transit (HRT), light rail transit (LRT) automated guideway transit (AGT), monorail (MO) and commuter rail (CR) systems currently in operation, with data for all rail transit systems in North America, e.g., Canada, United States and Mexico. The compilations linked here were separated from our earlier tabulations, "U.S. Urban Rail Transit Lines Opened From 1980."
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Friday, 01 June 2012 21:12
We have created a new webpage linking to high speed rail (HSR) traffic density data and related documents and posts. So far these links include the most recently available HSR data for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, a 2008 paper critiquing an anti-HSR paper by Wendell Cox and Joseph Vranich, and a 2011 paper on what we think would (and still could) be a successful way of implementing HSR "correctly" (e.g., in a "do-able cost effective and realistic manner) in California. Here.

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 10:47
By Michael D. Setty

At the "How We Drive" blog ( leading robocar cheerleader Brad Templeton ( dismisses the need to improve transit:

Tom, now that you’ve seen the speed at which robocars are developing, you may want to consider one of the possibilities I have been investigating, which is the decline of public transit. While there’s no assurance that the world will switch to them, robocars that can self-deliver makes it much more marketable to have people ride in lightweight, 1 and 2 person short range electric city vehicles. Today you can’t sell them but they are perfect as cell-phone-summoned robotic taxis...

...It’s my view that almost all the rules of transit will be erased and rewritten in the next few decades, but transit and urban planners don’t even have it on their radar.

I understand completely when anti-transit activists such as Randal O'Toole or Wendell Cox dismiss transit for conservative/libertarian "philosophical" (sic) or "cultural panic" reasons (for an excellent discussion of the latter phenomenon, see, but Templeton's argument that technology will solve what are essentially human social and economic problems is the weakest I've seen yet.

My response to Templeton's comments at the How We Drive blog are "below the fold."

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Commenter at Auto Apologist Blog "Solves" the "PRT Problem" PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 26 February 2012 16:43
A commenter at an infamous auto apologist blog "solves" the "Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Problem" ( (Comment #7).

On February 26th, 2012, Andy said:

You know what would be the ultimate PRT? If each person had a transit mechanism whereby they could pilot the vehicle themselves, and steer it toward any destination they wanted. It would be very cool if they could play whatever music they wanted to listen to, and maybe have some room to carry other passengers or cargo. That would be SOOOO great!

These "autonomous (sic) self-driven pods" certainly are much cheaper to build, own and operate than anything proposed for automated PRT on expensive guideways where likely demand cannot justify their construction. Of course, the direct negative financial, social and environmental impacts not covered by the "autonomous (sic) self-driven pods" is something like $10.00-$15.00 per gallon, compared to the (current) $3.65 per gallon of "go juice" paid by owners of existing "autonomous (sic) self-driven pods." But this is still a lot cheaper than the direct financial costs of the automated PRT pods by themselves...
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Recollections of a Vanished Era - in Mississippi PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 January 2012 18:40
Certain of our loyal and disloyal opponents love to quote statistics by the trainload (pun intended) - but avoid certain issues like the proverbial “third rail” (pun intended - again).

You are not likely to see anything related to, um, Amerikaanse apartheid (“American apartheid”) on websites such as this one, that one or that one. To paraphrase Oscar Bonavena, the late Argentine boxer, you’d think they were chicken (“Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!”).

By contrast, we denizens of do not shy away from such matters. Thus this post.

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