Of Privacy, Dubious Understandings, and Libber-tarian Blather PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 26 November 2011 00:00
By Leroy W. Demery, Jr.

Imagine my surprise this morning (2011 October 9, SBB PST Time) when I spotted a quote by the self-styled “Antiplanner” and realized that - heavens to murgatroyd - I get to accuse (snicker, snicker) the one and only (thank goodness for that)... ell, prevarication, or at least dubious understandings.

Yes, there is a serious point herein, but that won’t stop me from having a little fun - at O’Toole’s expense (snicker snicker), performance near end by baseball great Jay Buhner).

My vote for “Best Libber-tarian Blather of the Day” goes to the following: Isn’t security camera footage taken by a public agency public information?

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