Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
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1   Link   Ottawa Transit: The Legend of 10,000 Per Hour
OC Transpo...claims that its transitway network carries a “Peak hour one-way passenger volume” of “10,000” - that is, a peak-hour passenger volume of 10,000 passengers per hour per direction (phd)...but independent verification is lacking.
2   Link   Quito Update: LRT Conversion Plans Advance, Stir Controversy-1
Tramways & Urban Transit reported a proposal by the Ecuadoran government to convert the line to light rail by 2009 (68, 810 (June 2005): 232
3   Link   Quito, Ecuador: El Trole (“The Trolleybus”)
"Quito opened a north-south busway worked by articulated trolleybuses in 1996. ...the Sistema Trolebús del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito, this facility is known among Quiteños as El Trole. It quickly attracted ... more than 200,000 per weekday."
4   Link   Rail's New Competitor: Buses. Part I: What Is Bus Rapid Transit?
"...BRT has become increasingly popular in the United States as a cheap way to integrate rapid transit systems into cities..." Excellent, insightful, and balanced view of BRT written by a non-transit author. Links to 3 follow-up posts.