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Web LinksLinks to various websites specializing in discussions of global warming, peak oil theories and impacts, and energy issues in general.
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1   Link   Postcarbon Institute: Reduce Consumption:Produce Locally
"PCI is a think, action and education implement proactive strategies to adapt to an energy constrained world....Relocalization [aims] to increase community energy security, strengthen local economies, improve environmental conditions..."
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This site tracks the prices of oil, natural gas, petroleum and other forms of energy on a daily basis. Includes a gigantic library of articles of interest to investors in the energy sector.
3   Link   Energy Bulletin: A Clearinghouse
" is designed to be a clearinghouse for current information regarding the peak in global energy supply...On the issue of resource depletion we will be favouring geological pessimism over economic theory based optimism..."
4   Link   The Oil Drum: Discussions About Energy and Our Future
Superb, extremely well-informed website run by professionals in the energy field. Emphasizes detailed analysis of oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels, as well as related issues of peak oil, conservation strategies, and so forth.
5   Link   Resource Insights: Independent Comment on Environment/Natural Resource News
"Kurt Cobb is a freelance writer who focuses on environmental and natural resource issues. His work has been featured on Energy Bulletin and 321energy. Kurt is currently at work on a book on oil depletion and responses to it."
6   Link   Simmons & Company International
Matthew R. Simmons is chairman and CEO of Simmons & Company International, is an oil-industry insider and one of the world's leading experts on peak oil. He served as energy adviser to George W. Bush, but soon gave up out of utter frustration.
7   Link   R-Squared Energy Blog
Robert Rapier, Scotland, UK. "The mission of R-Squared is to discuss a cornerstone of our society: Energy. I am very concerned that we are stumbling into the future unprepared for the formidable energy challenges ahead." B.S. Chem. Engineering.