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1   Link   City Transit Advocates
"This site is a pro-transit blog aggregator, e.g., it collects links to new posts on various transit websites. Hopefully folks will be able to use it and suggest blogs that might be a part of it."
2   Link   Bay Rail Alliance (S.F. Bay Area Transit Advocacy)
"For more than 20 years, we have advocated for improvements to rail public transit in the S.F. Bay Area that will efficiently produce a quantum leap in their quality and convenience. [We]... build public awareness of and support for these programs."
3   Link   Carless in Seattle Blo
"Excess demand for roadways during peak hours is the real problem, to which congestion is the most feasible solution." Pro-transit, but also strongly advocates walking and bicycling.
4   Link   Light Rail Now!
"Light Rail Now believes that presenting facts, reliable information, and well-supported arguments is the way to counteract the avalanche of misinformation and misconception about mass transit, rail transit in general, and LRT."
5   Link   The National Corridors Initiative
"[NCI][s] the development of infrastructure, including an integrated national transportation system...such as a network of intercity passenger and freight corridor rail corridors augmented by commuter rail, and served by feeder systems.
6   Link   The NEW New Electric Railway Journal
Transit news site focusing on electric railways. From the Free Congress Foundation, from well-known conservative Paul Weyrich. Paul's outspoken support of transit varies dramatically from most other conservatives.
7   Link   The Overhead Wire (Rail Transit Blog)
"Sending up transit and TOD with a little unconventional wisdom." Strongly pro-rail transit, transit-supportive land uses, and transit-oriented development. Skeptical of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).
8   Link   Portland Transport: Access and Mobility in Portland/Vancouver
"[We HAVE] a point of view, generally supportive of transit and compact development, and efforts to reduce vehicles miles traveled per capita. This is intended to be the general center of the conversation here. Opposing [civil] views are welcome."
9   Link   Victoria Transportation Policy Institute (Todd Litman)
"VTPI is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transportation problems. We provide a variety of resources available free to help improve transportation planning and policy analysis."