Media Panics Over Rail Terrorism; But Terrorists Overwhelming Prefer Motor Vehicles

Recently, the media has gotten its panties in a bunch over the threat to rail systems from terrorists, in knee-jerk reactions to what articles that the idiots at Al Qaeda propose. For example,

A few days before fatal vehicle attacks in Spain, a branch of al-Qaeda called for even broader strikes on railroads across the U.S. and Europe.

The threat is open-ended, rather than targeting a specific route or setting a deadline. But the New York Police Department took note of the threat, and security experts said concerns about rail attacks are valid because trains and stations are more accessible than planes and airports.

But of course, motor vehicles are even more accessible to terrorists–and are much simpler and easy to use as terrorist weapons–than trains. This has been shown by the murder of anti-Nazi demonstrator Heather Heyer by a white nationalist driving a sports car, let alone several deadly vehicle attacks on crowds in European cities by radical Islamists this year.

An excellent article on how terrorist attacks using vehicles can be thwarted through improved walkability in heavily-frequented city centers and other areas is available at