White Papers - New Series
After a long drought, we have begun a new series of White Papers on current topics of interest to our readers.
Our first White Paper is Beyond High Speed Rail: California Networked Transit (released June 28, 2011) on the topics of (1) reconfiguring California’ proposed high speed rail (HSR) proposal into an affordable network that can actually be funded, and (2) how to integrate regional and local transit into a statewide transit network built around the HSR system.
Our second White Paper is Organization before Electronics before Concrete and Supporting “Networked Transit” Principles. This paper argues that developing successful transit systems is a harder mental exercise than the Apollo Program, mainly because there are many more unpredictable variables such as public opinion and the social and political values of voters.
1.      Beyond High Speed Rail: California Networked Transit
2.      Organization Before Electronics before Concrete