The Gray Lady Gets It Wrong

The New York Times published an article titled China’s New Bridges: Rising High, but Buried in Debt (Chris Buckley) on 2017 June 10. This described the Chishi Bridge (赤石大桥, Chìshí dàqiáo), which crosses the Qingtou River, near Chishi Township, Yizhang County, Hunan Province, China. (This location is not shown on “Google Maps.”)

The New York Times article failed to note that this bridge was not built as a “stand-alone” project. Instead, it was built as part of the National Trunk Highway System. The specific segment is the Xiamen–Chengdu Expressway, which will connect the costal city of Xiamen (Fujian Province) with Chengdu (Sichuan Province), 2,192.2 km.

This omission was glaring – and curious – in light of the tone of the article and the Times’ claims of accuracy.